The “mo” is for moustache! It’s ‘Movember’!

RonanpicThe “mo” is for moustache! It’s ‘Movember’!

As November comes to a close a strange phenomena has been noticed throughout the world as men everywhere are growing mustaches in a movement to bring awareness to Prostate Cancer, and the numbers of participants grows every year. Unfortunately, so do the numbers of men who lose their lives to Prostate Cancer as well.
The Hummel Team of Prudential Ronan Reality, Brokerage are hoping to surpass last year’s fundraising event of $2000 raised as Marc Ronan, Lorne Downey, Matt Hastings, Jeff Hummel and Britton Ronan donned their full faced mustaches for this great cause.
Hummel comes from a very large family, with 17 on his paternal side and 10 on his maternal side. He has personally experienced loosing loved ones and friends to this disease. Having learned more about the importance of awareness, Hummel has passionate and compassionate opinions surrounding Prostate Cancer.
“Last year I lost an uncle to Prostate Cancer, and this year another uncle is suffering with it. If you find it early enough, it’s a manageable, controllable cancer. I’m just trying to raise awareness to guys out there to go get checked. I’ve heard that 1in 7 men will get Prostate Cancer- that’s something like 17 percent! For me, I’m passionate about this, even if I reach one guy out there,” explained Hummel.
For Hummel, this fight is personal. “I get checked all the time. I started in my late 40’s. There is a new test, a blood test called a P.S.A. test. I’ve lost far too many family and friends to this, one friend in his early forty’s was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. I’m no scientist. I just know guys should get checked.”
Hummel mentions that while the traditional doctor’s visit where a man is checked for Prostate Cancer may be uncomfortable for most men, he points out that women have uncomfortable visits and tests all the time, noting that dying of Prostate Cancer is unnecessary and more importantly avoidable.
“With the odds of any man, knowing one in seven will contract Prostate Cancer, just know: with a simple test, you can keep yourself from becoming a statistic!”
Quite possibly, truer words may not have been spoken as clearly, Hummel wants every man to go get checked and wants every woman to tell the men they know to get checked. Stepping up is the really the first step.
In Hummel’s first year he participated in Movember on his own and raised approximately$200. Five years later and with the help of his team and passion for the health and welfare of those he knows and strangers he has never met, he may very well surpass last year’s $2000 mark. The money raised is for the prevention and treatment of Prostate Cancer and while Hummel recognises many men participate in the program by sporting a- as the French would say, ‘moustache’, he mentions those men should consider raising money as well. Hummel also points out that people can go to the Movember website at and donate right on the site if they wish.
If you would like to support The Hummel Team of Prudential Ronan Realty, Brokerage in their fight to raise awareness, treat and prevent Prostate Cancer, feel free to pop into any one of their many locations or contact Jeff Hummel at the Alliston office at 1-866-435-4336 or 416-347-0291.
Hummel’s message is clear, concise, intelligent and noble and in his opinion it comes down to a choice and there simply is no reason to become a statistic. Go get checked fella’s-if not for you, do it for the ones you!
By Alex Sher

Cutline: (LtoR) Now in their sixth year, the Hummel Team of Prudential Ronan Reality, Brokerage, Marc Ronan, Lorne Downey, Matt Hastings, Jeff Hummel and Britton Ronan sport their best “moustaches” raising money for the treatment and prevention of Prostate Cancer.