Tangerine Design Studios Ltd. A jewel in Caledon

Layout 1Tangerine Design Studios Ltd. A jewel in Caledon

Home owners today are more and more aware of the value of their property. With prices escalating in today’s market, and the value of the land as it is, our older homes seem more attractive day by day.
The buildings going up on 40 foot lots are enormous, driving by a recent subdivision one can’t help but notice they are placed so close ogether that grass can not even grow in between homes. However we all have noticed the layouts of homes today have changed dramatically, open concept kitchen and family rooms offer an intimate living space that is far more appealing than the closed in, separated and fragmented layouts of homes from the past.
ART_0910The good news is there is an alternative to packing up and moving, and Tangerine Design Studios has everything in their portfolio to resurrect your current home into the living space of your dream. Unique among its competitors, this is one of very few companies that offers a true A to Z solution in home renovation. A nine thousand square foot manufacturing plant is the hub of the organization, located in Bolton Ontario they create some of the highest quality cabinetry available in this country. Every part and every component is hand made by local craftsman in this location, all the finishing is
meticulously applied on sight. The cabinetry is made with nothing but domestic material, all the hardware is of the finest quality available in the market. The designs are unique and customized to the individual home owners and the service is exceptional. Just a stroll in the showroom at 8841 George Bolton parkway will open your eyes at the level of quality that can be had in
kitchen cabinetry. Now to top it off, all the renovations inside your home are made by full time employees of Tangerine Design Studios, there are no subcontractors to blame or excuses to fabricate, every individual working in your home, takes on the full responsibility of the entire project.
From manufacturing and installing kitchen cabinetry, to flooring, removing walls, electrical, pluming, dry walling and finishing trim, one stop shop takes on a new meaning! Give them a call today at (905) 951-1151 or check out their web site at www.tangestudios.com you would be amazed at what they can do!