Spring home safety tips

AirConTuneupSpring home safety tips

The spring cleaning season is upon us. While tending to those annual cleaning practices, like washing windows and blankets, think about putting together a spring home safety checklist. Besides checking your smoke alarm’s batteries, there is a lot more to do this season to ensure your home is safe and sound.

Here are a few tips to help get you started on your spring home safety checklist:

Carbon monoxide detector: Replace batteries on your carbon monoxide detector, and check its expiry date. A new law now makes it mandatory for Ontario homes to have a carbon monoxide detector installed. Anyone who fails to comply with the new law could be fined.

Cleaning supplies: Make sure they are stored in a cool, dry place. Leaking containers and products you no longer use should be disposed of at a hazardous waste distribution centre.

Electrical cords and outlets: Inspect and replace cords if worn or damaged. Contact a licensed electrical contractor to check loose-fitting outlets.

Air conditioner: Schedule a springtime tune up of your air conditioning system to ensure your home is ready for the upcoming heat and humidity of the summer months.

Eaves troughs: Gutter cleaning is a crucial maintenance task for every homeowner. Avoiding this chore could lead to expensive water damage.

BBQ: Look for leaks and cracks in your gas hose, and note the condition of your control knobs, thermometers and handles. Take a close look at your burners to ensure there aren’t any holes.
Fuel and other combustibles: Ensure they are kept outside, in a well-ventilated shed or detached garage and away from direct sunlight and other 
heat sources.

If you are thinking about selling your home this spring, speak to your Realtor about what else you can do to prepare your home for sale.
More information is available at, www.wedothehomework.ca.

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