Something nice to read before the holidays!

Dear Big Tuna fans: My family and I have been long time residents of Aurora. My parents originally moved to Aurora when my Mother started working for the York Region Board of Education and they loved it so much that my Father opened his law practice in Aurora. As many of the long time residents know there is a lot to love about Aurora and there are way to many to list in this small article.

One of the best things about this town is the kindness of strangers. Growing up in Aurora and later choosing Aurora to raise my family, I have noticed our small town has become a much larger place. Where we once knew everyone and could take more time to play and work in our own community, many of us now find ourselves part of the busy commuter lifestyle.

Recently, we had our first big snowfall of the season. Living that busy life, I did not take the time to shovel, promising myself I would do it later. I come home to find my wife in our driveway with our 6-month old baby girl strapped to her chest and a kind stranger shovelling our sidewalk and driveway. My wife quickly tells me that she had returned from walking our dog and decided she would start to shovel the driveway with our daughter strapped to her chest. Within minutes of her doing this, this nice man stops his car in the middle of the busy road, turns on his 4-way lights and tells her “I can do that for you!” and proceeds to shovel our driveway.

This… This is the Aurora I remembered as a child and was just blown away and so happy to see that these acts of kindness continue to live on in our town. My wife then says to me, “you do not see that every day” to which I reply “in fairness you do not normally see a woman with a baby strapped to her chest shovelling the driveway very often either.”

To the gentleman who lives on Kemano Road who helped us that snowy day, we sincerely thank you. Your act of kindness has not been overlooked and we will ensure that we will pay it forward. To my readers, I hope this has warmed your heart as much as it did mine. From my family to yours, have an excellent and festive holiday season!

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