Renovating a Kitchen, think like a designer!

Kitchen-whiteanddarkRenovating a Kitchen, think like a designer!

Part 1 – Initial Thought Process

Kitchens are not a simple or quick discussion, so over the next few issues I will devote my column to everything you wanted to know about kitchens from the initial thought process, layouts, budgets, kitchen quality and styles you can achieve.

Create a Wish list

A wish list is everything you would like to have in your new kitchen from appliances to style of cabinets, island vs peninsula, number of seats, table no table, pantry walk in or slide out, flooring, number of sinks etc. Once you have your wish list you should then prioritize the list.

Analyze Your Existing Space

When I walk into a new client’s home I look at how the space and flow of the house is working or not working. Is there a room that is not getting used? Is there a preferred view? Is the kitchen in the right location? Simply replacing an existing kitchen can be a poor investment verses relocating the kitchen and establishing a better flow within the house.


The design world talks a lot about “flow”. Where does the majority of traffic come from and how does it change with the seasons?  We carry in groceries, cook meals, and wash dishes in the kitchen so direction and access is important. The appliances need to be offset, not back to back with enough room for someone to pass behind without interfering or bumping the person at work.

How do I want the kitchen to look and feel?

The look and feel of the kitchen should relate back to the architectural interior and exterior details of the house. It should be visually complimentary with the rest of the home especially if it is an open concept. If your home is eclectic use one of those details and expand on it. Try not to be too trendy as it will date your kitchen.

Most asked for item on clients wish list:  Island with seating… because we all know everyone ends up in the kitchen. A great design keeps company on the outside allowing cooks and hosts space to work and entertain.

Think outside the box… think like a designer!