Realtors go the extra mile, helping all the way to the Philippines!

Realtors go the extra mile, helping all the way to the Philippines!

A business 24 years in the making produced a friendship and partnership Royal LePage Realtors from Caledon, Brenda Auger and Diane Bird can boast as being one of the longest standing partnerships in their area.

This dynamic duo are not only dynamos in their field, they also live by a philosophy where aiding those in need is a welcome responsibility. Both women donate their time every Monday to the Meals on Wheels program providing hot meals to seniors. Bird and Auger are maybe one of the few visitors these recipients have and if you suppose gratitude is a one way street, you would be mistaken. Both Auger and Bird absolutely love seeing the people they drop meals off to and truly appreciate the human exchange.

We’ve heard the expression, “Apples do not fall far from the tree” and this is especially true for Auger’s daughter, Katie Auger who is a Nurse Practioner currently having paid her own flight and is donating three weeks of her time and skill to aid in the Philippines. She has already sent emails assuring she was safe in Cebu before ferrying to Ormoc where she and the others will remain until returning home.“Katie and the other volunteers, also paid their own way. This ensures the people who go really want to be there. We’re very proud, and of course worried. Katie is a very independent, kind and determined person,” Auger commented.

Before leaving for her approximately 23 hours of travel, Katie needed a small army of her own helpers to accompany her to a Canadian Medical Assistant Team (C.M.A.T)warehouse where much needed supplies were packed and there was a two hour window for this to be accomplished.

Bird and Auger immediately stepped up, met the challenge, called friends and family to help, made sandwiches, and worked very hard with their team of volunteers to help strangers in need, strangers a world away from the comforts we know and take for granted.

“Not everyone can go to the Philippines but what we can do is help from home. Packing the bins was really hard work. People had to hustle. At one point we had to un-pack and re-pack which was very difficult and we had to hurry. Some of the huge crates would be travelling by freight plane and some would be travelling by plane,” explained Auger.“The general air while at the warehouse was excitement. We knew nothing about the medical supplies specifically but we did know we were doing something good that was very important. Each and every one of us would do it again tomorrow if they asked us to. We all walked away knowing ‘we helped’. People can go to and donate that way as well.”

And it’s that kind of commitment and loyalty that filters through every aspect of their lives, including their Real Estate business.

“At a conference the speaker was instructing on how to pick a business partner. When he said, ‘you have to look at the person and if you trust them more than you trust yourself , then you it’s a good partnership consideration’, the room went silent. We’ve been business partners and great friends for 19 years already!”

It’s the kind of trust that weathers during financial hardships, builds friendships that stands the test of time, and brings a genuine caring to every aspect of business and personal quality of life producing realtors extraordinaire as Bird and Auger cherish life’s special moments. Auger poignantly reminds , “A moment can carry you a long way in life!”

By Alex Sher