Real Estate Agent you can Truly Trust

In today’s rapidly rising market, more than ever, you need a Real Estate Agent you can Truly Trust
As a lawyer, Leslie is protective of her buyers and sellers and at ease with the Contracts and legalities are fundamental to any real estate transaction but she has particular appreciation for the legal relationship at the heart of a real estate agent’s role. Agency creates a duty of undivided loyalty to put the client’s best interests above one’s own. In a system that rewards agents for making transactions happen (more so for “double-ending”), it is easy to forget that basic rule. That’s why it is so important that your agent has strong ethics and is, in fact, the kind of person who can put your interests before financial temptation.

Today’s Market Leslie believes it is rarely in a seller’s best interest to sell property without full MLS exposure. Especially now, with a severe shortage of properties for sale and many frantic buyers, the law of supply and demand dictates prices must rise accordingly. Proper marketing dramatically boosts the demand side of the equation. Without it, you are almost certain to leave an unquantifiable amount of money on the table. Recent sales of similar properties no longer dictate the fair market value of your property because sale prices continually exceed previous prices–sometimes by surprising amounts. A seller cannot know “fair market value” without actually marketing. In spite of all that, sellers sometimes wish to avoid strangers tramping through their homes and cleaning and prepping for showings. It’s a good deal for an agent bringing an offer off the market, who gets the whole commission or other benefit. It’s probably a good deal for the buyer too, without competing buyers. However, there is a significant cost to the seller. How long would you normally have to work for another hundred thousand dollars or so? Inconvenience is a small price to pay to net substantially more proceeds, as often happens! Community After 19 years living in King and raising her family here, Leslie is deeply rooted in the community and gives back without reservation. She has volunteered extensively and continues to do so. She is currently sponsoring the Arts Society King Studio Tour April 22-23. Every purchase or sale she makes generates a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network. Another programme through her brokerage raises a substantial annual donation to Southlake Regional Health Centre. Leslie works through Re/Max Hallmark, the largest independently-owned real estate brokerage worldwide by number of agents. Hallmark provides weekly agent training and is proactive in addressing issues in the marketplace, sometimes setting ethical policies for its agents before remedial legislation is ever tabled by government. Leslie takes their slogan “Raising the Bar” seriously. “I deliberately chose a brokerage whose ethics are compatible with mine,” she says. To that end, Leslie is unreserved about the service she provides, planning and monitoring
renovations, staging or recommending experts to help her clients. This and her love of homes give Leslie satisfaction. “My goal is to get my clients the best possible deal using all my skills–to step into their shoes and be their ‘agent’ in the truest sense.” According to broker, Barbara Brindle, “Leslie is a focused and extremely capable professional.
Her ability to anticipate and craft solutions to meet unexpected events offer her clients tremendous peace of mind . . .” Having listed and sold various estate properties in Kingscross and area, Leslie has a substantial list of buyers and agents seeking similar properties. She welcomes any questions about your home or the local market.

– Leslie Whicher Sales Representative 647-609-2744 office: 905-727-1941