We have been blessed with beautiful summer weather these past few weeks, it’s hard to imagine that winter is just around the corner. Now is the time to start preparing our homes for the cold weather and snow to minimize damage and maintenance issues.
1) DOWNSPOUTS Clean downspouts and gutters when you notice the leaves are falling, check them again before winter. Hire a professional to avoid the possible danger of being on a ladder.
2) HEATING Turn your thermostat up to 80 degrees, to see if the furnace turns on, you should feel warm are start to blow in a few minutes. Now is the time to find out if everything is working to avoid calling for service once its already cold. Replace the air filter, follow the directions on your furnace.. Top up your oil or propane. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in place for the safety of your family.
3) AIR CONDITIONER Clean the fan blades and condensing coils using a hose to remove leaves and debris. Cover the condensing unit with a breathable waterproof cover to extend the life and performance of your air conditioner.

4) DISCONNECT HOSES FROM OUTSIDE FAUCETS. Turn the water off from inside that connects to outside faucets. Drain the water by opening up the exterior faucet(s)
5) WOODBURNING FIREPLACES Ensure chimney is clear (nests from birds, squirrels etc.) Check flue damper is operational. Check chimney draft. Open the damper, roll up then light several sheets of newspaper if the smoke does not rise up the chimney you may have an obstruction, call a professional to clean creosote and ash and debris. Inspect for any open mortar joints REPAIR IMMEDIATELY, a fire can spread into the stud wall behind through open mortar joints.

6) SMOKE DETECTORS. Take this time to test and make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order. (move the rest of the points down by 1)

7) ROOF Visually check your roof from the ground (if possible) to see if shingles are damaged or missing. Check flashing around all roof projections and chimneys. Have a professional inspect your roof to ensure personal safety.
8) DOORS AND WINDOWS Check around windows and doors for drafts, rope caulk can be pressed into joints where air is leaking. Weather stripping can be applied to the sides and bottom of doors to prevent drafts.
9) SPRINKLER SYSTEM Turn off the water and blow compressed air through the lines to remove water in order to prevent freezing and bursting of the lines, have this completed by the end of October.
10) LAWN MOWER If you are not comfortable draining the gas from your lawn mower, simply run it until it’s out of gas. This will prevent condensation in your gas and ensure an easy start up next spring.

Julianne Boileau
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