Local Award Winner Tells Real Estate Secret

FloorplanLocal Award Winner Tells Real Estate Secret

Kevin Flaherty, a local Realtor with iPro Realty Ltd. Brokerage, has been awarded iPro’s overall top sales award over 675 other Realtors for the 5th consecutive year.
Surprising, Mr. Flaherty say the reason for winning the awards are more important than the awards themselves.
According to the National Association of Realtors ( NAR ), 96% of buyers will first be introduced to your home online, where they will shortlist it based on the quality of the online representation. Mr. Flaherty says that “online representation” breaks into two primary areas; how much information on the home can be obtained online in an engaging manner (i.e. professional high quality video narrated 3D animated tour) and how many places can it be found online.
SyndicationGraphicCircleUpdated2015v3“Essentially, what buyers are doing, is finding their next home online,” said Mr. Flaherty. “Your home is tried and convicted online; that is the secret that most Realtors don’t want you to know.”
He believes that 9 out of 10 people search online and use the shortlist process. Buyers type in specifics like the location, price and even features of a home and pass over results with little or no pictures and/or just poor representation of the home. “The generally misconception about Realtors is that they are employees of the brokerage when in fact the Realtors operate as independent contractors. The type of marketing a seller receives has a lot more to do with the Realtor they choose than the brand of the brokerage”, he said. “What a Realtor does is up to the individual, which means you could interview
10 Realtors from the same company and get 10 different answers on what they are going to do to market your home.” The most common reaction from sellers to his system is surprise. There was a case this year in Orangeville where the sellers had been trying to sell their home for 328 days with two different Brokerages. Immediately upon expiring the sellers listed with Kevin Flaherty and got 3 offers within two weeks and sold for $10,000 over their asking price. Those stories go on and on, he said. “They didn’t start doing their homework on researching Realtors until it became critical for them because of the belief that all Realtors are generally the same.” Nothing could be further from the truth, he said. “Simply go online and look at any listing and assess what you think of the marketing for it, then look at one of my listings and you will see what I am talking about.” Mr. Flaherty’s personal team consists of seven marketing experts ( not Realtors ) in various fields including; professional photography, graphic design, narration, videography, 3D animation, floor plans, search engine optimization/syndication and even a drone pilot. Mr. Flaherty says he has six Realtors that also work with him, but they are not part of his marketing team. The entire team of 14 people work from Kevin’s private iPro Realty office located at 170 Lakeview Court Orangeville. Mr. Flaherty’s team provides custom web pages for each listing that contains a video narrated 3D animated tour, 3D floor plan images, 2D floor plans with measurements, aerial photos and video, detailed maps and then syndicates the homes representation to 57 places online for maximum exposure. “This custom web page ties directly into the multiple listing service (MLS) system so with one click home buyers can be on the homes custom web page that contains all this high end information,”  said Mr. Flaherty. “The online representation of your house is absolutely critical, it’s not a nice feature, it’s not a cool benefit. It is the beginning and the end, its incredibly important” “When we take a good representation and syndicate it to 57 places online the power of that marketing, and quality, definitely without a doubt becomes extremely powerful.” Mr. Flaherty says that if you list your home and its not selling, it’s only one of two things; it’s either the marketing or the price. It can be a combination of these things but it’s only these. If you call up your Realtor and ask him/her why your homes not selling, it is highly unlikely you will hear its because they have poor marketing but rather you will be told its your price. “It seems to me that sellers are often willing to drop their price by tens of thousands of dollars until their home sells, rather than do their homework and research the difference in real estate services offered by different Realtors.” he said. This system has been evolving since the mid 1990’s. He said. He was one of the first Realtors in Canada to be predominant online in the mid 1990’s. “It didn’t do a lot for me then but since that time,” he said, “we slowly started increasing the quality, and we will continue to upgrade the system so it stays cutting edge marketing.” Mr. Flaherty has been in the real estate business for 27 years and he commented that the industry itself hasn’t evolved much since the 1990’s with respect to what Realtors do. “When I started in real estate I was using a polaroid camera,” he said. “you can’t find this real estate marketing package anywhere, I keep looking, I keep inviting buyers to find tours or aspects of service that are better quality and they can’t.” Mr. Flaherty stated that another benefit of the detailed video narrated 3D animated tour is a reduction of unnecessary traffic through your home. “The feedback my team receives from buyers is that they know more about the house online from my tour than actually going to the house.” This gives the house and its features far more exposure, which is why we can sell homes faster and for more money, he said. “When a buyer shows up for the first time to one of my listings, it’s like a second showing, he said. “If you saw one of my home’s customs web pages in the level of information and detail we present, do you think you would need to go see the home if you weren’t interested?” he said. “Bottom line, it’s a lot of hard work but it pays off for my Sellers. At the end of the day people will get significantly more money, faster and easier with my exclusive home selling system.” He stated that providing this type of service to sellers is possible due to the increase in business providing these services have brought him. “If I was trying to provide these services and wasn’t doing a lot of volume, it would be very difficult because it does take a large chunk out of the profit margin,” he said. This system has become so popular that in order to keep up with the business Mr. Flaherty had to hire six Realtors to work with him and is even now planning on more marketing/production staff beyond the seven he already has working exclusively with him. Kevin says “the one-man show in Real Estate will soon be a thing of the past. “It’s already starting to change. iPro Realty Ltd. is the first brokerages I know of to offer concierge marketing services for its individual Realtors. Other Realtors with iPro have access to professional floor planers, photographers and graphic designers and is the first evidence we see of a Real Estate Brokerage evolving to assist its individual Realtors compete in the digital age”. You can take a video narrated back stage tour of Kevin’s Home Selling System Team at www.BackStageTour.ca Visit the Kevin Flaherty Home Selling System Team at their private office 170 Lakeview Crt in Orangeville or visit them online at www.Flaherty.ca
They can be reached direct at 1-877-352-4378.