Life changes equal lifestyle changes

lifestyle2Life changes equal lifestyle changes

Major life changes often become the catalyst for selling a home. Whether for employment, financial or family changes, selling a home and deciding on the next move can be an overwhelming experience. If you’re thinking about replacing one home for another, be sure to prepare for the process by doing as much up-front research as possible.

If you are retiring – You may want to sell in order to access the equity in your home to travel.  But what do you come back to?  A Realtor who specializes in the seniors’ real estate market can show you the many options available including downsizing to a smaller home or condominium, or moving to a retirement community.

You’ve lost your job – Unfortunately, in such a situation, you may feel you have no choice but to sell your home.  In this case, talk to your Realtor – he or she will help you set a realistic price to move the property as quickly as possible, and provide options for your next move.

lifestyle1Separation or divorce – Sparks can fly when each spouse has a different agenda for how the sale of a home should be handled.  Be sure to include a lawyer in your discussions – a lawyer can provide valuable information to help you and your spouse reach an agreement.

You’re looking to upgrade, or downgrade – During a strong sellers’ market a Realtor can show you how you could potentially gain financially by selling and moving up to a larger home.  Or, if you are having financial difficulties, your mortgage lender, lawyer and Realtor will be able to provide options that fit your situation.  For example, you may be able to decrease your monthly mortgage payments, increase your amortization period or sell your home and buy a smaller, more affordable one.

Your family is growing – Growing families tend to set their sights on larger homes, or homes in family friendly neighbourhoods.  Empty nesters, on the other hand may be looking to trade in their single family home for a maintenance-free condominium. A Realtor can help you sell your current home and find a new one that fits your lifestyle.

Whatever your reasons for deciding to sell your home, a Realtor can help you identify your objectives early in the process and help you make the right choices along the way. To learn more about selling your home, visit

This article is provided by local REALTORS® and the Ontario Real Estate Association for the benefit of consumers in the real estate market.