It’s not about properties, it’s about people!

image001It’s not about properties, it’s about people!

The challenges of buying and selling a “Home” (defined as the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household) have little to do with the real estate itself. The real challenge is managing the stress that this change can create and dealing with the emotions that result from the stress.
Stress is measured in “Life Change Units” (LCU) and when you add them up, a move can be extremely stressful. 
An LCU of just 150 represents a stress level which puts us at slight risk of 
developing illness and it certainly brings out the emotions.
A change in residence is worth 20 LCU in and of itself and you’ll most likely be changing some of your personal habits and living conditions, so add another 50 LCU. Many of you will take on a major mortgage (32 LCU) which might change your financial state (38 LCU). So you can see that the stress levels are adding up, we’re already at 140.
If your kids are changing schools, add 20 LCU to their stress level. If you 
or your spouse are changing jobs or responsibilities within those jobs, you’re taking on an additional 29 LCU.
By now you get the point, buying and selling a home can be stressful. 
So what do you do to manage the stress?
Enter Lucy Brookhouser.
It’s about people, is not just a slogan – it’s who I am. I know what you’re thinking and feeling because I’ve been through it a number of times. I’m here to help you feel more comfortable, more relaxed and ultimately feel more like “home” until you re-establish your “home”. I’ll get to know you, your lifestyle and what is required to make your transition less stressful. Focusing on the upscale real estate market in King, “She’s an engaging and service oriented professional who is passionate about getting things right”. Says Vivian Risi, Owner/Broker of Record of Royal Le Page Your Community
Realty. “She’s established a team of local professionals, including lawyers, mortgage
brokers, renovators and inspectors, to help her clients alleviate some of the stress. Lucy bought and sold more than $40 million in real estate over the past two years, she’s a Diamond Award winner and among the top 3% of realtors in Canada.“ I’m your neighbour that just happens to be a realtor. King City has been home to our family for the over ten (10) years and we’ve been very active in the community. If you are buying in King, you’ll want to know what neighbourhoods best fit your lifestyle and you’ll want the inside scoop on the schools.
You’ll want to know where and when there’s traffic congestion and how it might affect your commute. And of course, you’ll want to be certain that the property you purchase is not over-priced. That’s the easy part. If you’re selling in King, you’ll need to know what you can do to maximize the value of your home. Investing in strategic improvements and staging provide a great return on your investment and reduces the amount of time it takes to sell, which helps to alleviate the stress. And paying careful attention to the three “P”s (Product, Price & Position) will maximize the value of your home. Don’t believe me, just listen to what my clients have to say: “You kept us informed throughout the process, you counselled wisely and educated us about how the real estate market operates. We were inspired as we learned so much along the way. We feel very humbled by the tremendous final outcome.” – Nancy & Gus “Thank you so much for your expertise, patience and perseverance in helping us find our dream home. We can’t wait to start the next chapter of our life in our dream home & we have you to thank for making our dream come true.” – Art & Maureen “Lucy’s dedication to helping us through the buying our dream home and finding a family for our existing home made us feel as if we were her only clients. She was available when we had questions, she guided us as we made decisions and she followed up after we moved. We don’t plan to move again. But if we do, there is no question in my mind that our broker would be Lucy Brookhouser.” – Gary About Royal Le Page Your Community Realty: I am backed by one of the finest real estate companies in the Country, recognized as a Canadian industry leader in technology. I am very proud to have aligned myself with Royal LePage – Your Community Realty who sells more homes in York Region than any other real estate brokerage. Visit her website at Lucy Brookhouser Broker Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Brokerage 416-708-5597 (Direct) Email – Lucy *not intended to solicit those already under a real estate contract