Finding the right countertop for your lifestyle

With so many options available today how does one make the right decision when  choosing a solid surface for a kitchen countertop?

Even though referred to as “the jewelry” of any kitchen or bathroom renovation, countertops play host to a variety of family functions. The kids art projects, Holiday baking and even wine tasting parties. All which can reek havoc on a countertop if you select the wrong material.

Brothers and owners of DPS Countertops in King,Ontario.  Joe and Tony Doria both agree countertops should be treated as an investment.

Quartz countertops are by far the most popular today. Maintenance free, stain resistant, a minimum of 15 years of warranty and hundreds of colour options are what drives its popularity. Quartz is heat resistant yet not heat proof. High temperatures can potentially crack or discolour a quart countertop. It is highly recommended to use heat trays and trivets to ensure a long lasting finish.

“When we first opened 10 years ago our clients were limited to a speckled or solid pattern when considering quartz as an option. Today, even I sometimes have a hard time distinguishing a natural stone from a quartz stone”: Joe Doria

Granite, even though very durable, does require an annual seal. It is a very simple process and will only take a few minutes to do. If you have a busy household and just so happen to forget to apply your annual seal, a stain in your countertop may be your new friendly reminder for the remainder you own your home. With that being said granite also has its benefits. Heat resistance and a true custom look are two of the more appealing benefits. Being a natural product each slab is a unique one off piece. The search for that perfect slab can be time consuming if you are very particular, yet rewarding when you find the perfect one.

A third option and relatively new to the industry is Porcelain slabs. Porcelain offers a completely heat resistant, scratch resistant and maintenance free surface. It is a perfect choice for outdoor kitchens as the outdoor elements do not not affect its finish as a quartz countertop would fade, if exposed to natural light for a prolonged period of time. The colour and pattern options are endless and in some cases very unique. Definitely an up and coming material.

Granite and Quartz are comparable in price. Both offer inexpensive entry level options which would be inline with an upgraded laminate countertop. Entry level Porcelain slabs are comparable to a high range Granite or Quartz.

“10 years in business we’ve come to the conclusion that lifestyle will ultimately be the deciding factor as to which material a client will choose.” Tony Doria

It’s safe to say that choosing a solid surface, wether granite, quartz or porcelain would be a safe bet. All three will stand the test of time providing years of service where as more cost efficient options will need replacing and will not see any return on investment.

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