Behind The Blue

Janice SothebysBehind The Blue

When you see a blue Sotheby’s International Realty (SIR) sign, you know behind the door is something special.

The Sotheby’s name has been built on centuries of tradition dealing with the most luxurious and treasured items. For 42 years, Sotheby’s International Realty has become a luxury powerhouse that proudly shares the name and sterling reputation. We are the indisputable global pacesetter for luxury real estate, our brand is consistent with distinctive homes across the world. People’s expectation of the professionals that carry the blue card and the quality of homes with our blue sign on the lawn are higher. To our clients, it signifies that their home is worthy of our iconic brand.

I am proud to live and work in York Region and offer the benefits of the SIR brand to the area. Our local real estate attracts buyers from around the world. York Region is home to extraordinary properties of all price-points that require powerful, captivating marketing to make each home come alive, create value and unleash its unique story to local and international buyers in a meaningful way. This is the true magic of our marketing but it doesn’t end there.

Our robust partnerships with powerhouse media and news websites such as,,,,, and effectively showcase our listings from around the world and directs web traffic to our local market listings. SIR strategically places homes in front of an affluent audience from all corners of the globe, in every language and currency, whether they tap, swipe or click. The strategy works as we are the only Canadian real estate company to deliver over 1B+ annual online impressions through our .com and .ca websites. On each of our listings, we have the unique advantage of pinpointing where web traffic originates from and gain additional listing exposure by collaborating with any global SIR office to promote that property to their network. 

The touting of being ‘international’ has caught on in our marketplace. Many of the people we compete with are regional companies whose name resonates only within their local trading area. Some companies have global name recognition, but are they known as luxury brands? Some advertise themselves as luxury specialists or having an international footprint and reach, yet few have significant benefits to offer their clients. 

International is not just our middle name.  With approximately 900 offices in 70 countries, we continue to expand our reach as the largest, most interconnected global luxury network.

Many of our clients buy and sell multiple homes here and abroad. We connect them with our collaborative alliance of global luxury affiliates comprised of the top real estate talent in each market we operate in. SIR enforces strict global standards with our name, logo and brand marks so our clients receive the same consistent, top quality customer experience around the world, which is a rarity and a competitive advantage. It takes specialized knowledge and skillset to sell luxury, premium marketing capabilities and vast global exposure to attract the right buyers. This is where we separate ourselves from others who claim to be our equals.

Behind every blue business card demands that the person who possess it is a cut above – someone dedicated to living the brand and living up to the brand. This is a promise we can and do deliver on.