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Hi Julien.  I recently inherited a home from a family member and I have some money saved to renovate the Master bathroom. A friend sent me a photo of a bathroom with a ‘shower beer’ fridge built into the wall beside the custom shower with the same tile to match and it looked slick.  I am a beer enthusiast and I think this would be great!  What do you think?  Sincerely IPA4LIFE

Greetings IPA4LIFE! What a unique idea! Thank you for sending me a photo to see the idea in action.

As a craft beer lover, I personally think it would be a cool way to spice up the bathroom; however, this would not be for everyone. If you are determined to do this, there are some ways to build it so as not to hurt your resale options.

To ensure you get the look you want with the “built-in” effect, you will need to install an electrical outlet behind the unit. I would have the electrician install two outlets, one near the top of the built-in and the other at the bottom. Once the tile is installed, I would then drill the shelf pin holes in the middle of the built-in.

Why do all this?  Well I am thinking of resale. With this approach to installation the unique shower beer fridge could either stay or go.  If the new owner doesn’t like the idea as much as you do they now have a built-in option to turn into a shelf for storage and use of electrical items such as toothbrushes or a hair dryer.

Unique ideas in homes are both a blessing and a curse. They can help your home stand out but, in most cases, they do not add much in value and can hinder the sale of your home.

IPA4LIFE, I always advise my clients to consider the next buyer.  If you would like to discuss this in person, as a fellow beer lover, you can find me at the Optimist Beer tasting event May 11th in Aurora, Cheers!

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