What Should I Do Now on the inside of my Home to get Ready to Sell?

One of the best things Sellers can do to impress Buyers is to deep clean their homes, declutter every nook and storage space and consider lightening and brightening their homes as much as possible.

Space sells, if a Buyer is touring homes for sale and has to cautiously maneuver around an abundance of collectibles, clutter or excessive dirt and grime their mind will drift to the negatives instead of being able to allow the visualization process to take over as to how they can envision themselves living in the home.  Not every Buyer is visual so they may have a great challenge imagining a home that has an overwhelming abundance of material goods cleaned up.  Not all goods need to be tossed but multiple photos, collectibles and excessive items should be packed and stored to create less visual distractions from the home itself.

When cleaning the home and decluttering the best advice is to not consider this process a hassle because when the home sells everything will need to be moved out before closing date so this is really a proactive head start to reduce the work at a later date.  Most of us, even if we are very strict with what comes into the house have excess and sorting through that will also improve mindset with a less is best approach to all areas of the home.  Paying attention to household smells of food, pets, laundry or moisture is also crucial because in many instances if a home is perfect but smells awful many Buyers will skip the opportunity to make an offer.

Appealing to Buyers by having the home freshly painted in light and neutral colours will expand the feeling of space.  Dramatic wall colours are highly personal and can be off putting to many so depersonalizing a home once again helps others visualize how they can later add their own sense of style to the space.  Cleaning and or replacing carpets or damaged flooring also has great impact so that Buyers aren’t focussing on the many to do’s in order to be happy with the home.

Maintenance on all appliances, small home repairs, including doors, drawers, handles, lightbulbs, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, fireplaces, furnace and electrical are noted by thorough Buyers and their REALTORS® and inspectors.

Staging can also be helpful to bring out the best of what Sellers may already own or to fill an empty space in a way that highlights the features of the home in a more stylized approach setting a welcome atmosphere.

Reach out to a REALTOR® to visit your home and assess and create your personalized Home Sellers Guide to Preparing Your Home for Sale.

– written by Connie Power

Connie Power is a Real Estate Sales Representative SRS® ABR® SRES® and Mentors and Develops New Real Estate Sales Representatives for RE/MAX Hallmark York Group Realty Ltd.,  Brokerage serving York region and beyond.
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