How am I going to leave my home, it’s such a part of me?

Nostalgia fills the air as many celebrate holidays, friendships, family, health and the end of this year’s accomplishments; preparing to make 2017 better than ever.  Many create new goals, plan new outcomes, strategize ways to develop good habits over bad with resolutions.  Part of these plans often include buying and selling homes in the coming year which is not always an easy decision.

Sellers may feel they are at a crossroads.  The love and the care that some homeowners give, to not only their home but to their properties and the many creatures who visit beyond humankind is heartwarming. Some struggle as they become attached to the space they’ve created for their lives and the times they’ve shared with friends and family at their current address.  Change is difficult but on the other side of the challenges come new beginnings and new memories to create and share as life stages evolve.

This month’s Ask A Realtor question comes from a resident of Aurora who always places the animals first.  He knows the habits, mannerisms, tendencies, traits and uniqueness of so many of his feathered and furry guests who sense his welcoming spirit and visit regularly.  He makes time to enjoy nature daily and invites his guests to experience his view and will educate anyone on building harmony with animals beyond our house pets.

In his presence, or over the phone he always shares detailed true stories about the ducks, the squirrels, the raccoons and beyond.  He provides sanction for them and providing for their nutrition is a natural part of his weekly shopping list. 

The outcome has been set that 2017 will be the year of the move but the Buyer list for a welcoming property in a very natural setting will be equally as important as the home he retires in.  There is no way to deny the beauty of the retreat and slice of heaven he has created as his home but retiring North is a dream he is ready to realize.  

Moving can be so difficult but with a clear and concise prescription of the property needed, the home style preferred the pricing necessity and the new location target your REALTOR® will aim to exceed expectations and deliver.  Open communication with a no holds barred dialogue is a must.  

This gentleman will indeed be able to make the move he is determined to make when he’s ready.  What makes his home so welcoming is truly his intentions, his generosity and his caring, compassionate spirit and the time he gives to care, observe and enjoy the oasis he willingly creates.  Wherever he goes he will be surrounded by these welcomed visitors because of his heart that he shares willingly with ‘his’ animals.  

Have an incredible holiday season, be kind to each other and by his spirited example, enjoy nature and spread some kindness to the animals in your neighbourhood no matter where you live now or where you move to later.  

-written by Connie Power

Connie POWER is a Real Estate Sales Representative SRS® Seller’s Representative Specialist, ABR® Accredited buyers Representative,  SRES® Seniors Real Estate Specialist with RE/MAX Hallmark YORK Group Ltd., Brokerage.  Buying or Selling in YORK region or beyond call Connie directly at (905) 726-0856 to book a face to face consultation.  

*not intended to solicit anyone under contract.