9 simple steps to seal your Natural Stone Counter tops

One of the most common misconceptions when a client visits our factory direct showroom is that they are under the impression granite countertops are difficult to clean and require constant sealing and maintenance. This is partially true yet alot easier than made out to be.

Granite is natural, therefore porous by nature and can absorb liquids if not sealed. The rule of thumb is the darker the stone the denser the actual stone is. Black or darker granites are sometimes so dense that they will not absorb the natural stone sealer. With that being said, if the stone is not able to absorb a sealer it will not absorb the liquids that can leave unsightly stains. Rare, yet the most common service call we receive at DPS Countertops are of stains caused by red wine or fruit juice on a beige or white countertop. By simply applying a natural stone sealer made purposely for granite countertops can save you time and money.

Every manufacture has its own instructions on how to apply a natural stone sealer but generally the process consists of 9 simple steps.  First off you will have to set aside about 30min every 1-2 years. That’s right…. 30min.

Step 1 – Remove all the contents from your countertop.

Step 2- Give your countertops a good wipe using warm water and a light dish soap.

Step 3- Allow the countertops to full dry.

Step 4 – Your natural stone sealer will come in the form of a liquid and typically in a spray bottle. Spray the sealer evenly and generously across all surfaces.

Step 5 – Use a plastic bag to spread the sealer across all surfaces to ensure a relatively even coat. Be sure not to let the sealer dry. If you find the sealer is drying in some spots and not so much in other spots be sure to apply more sealer. (Note: the sealer is in fact not drying but being absorbed by the stone.)

Step 6 – Allow the sealer to sit on your countertops until your granite doesn’t appear to be absorbing any more.

Step 7- Use a dry rag or dish cloth to wipe up the access.

Step 8 – Wipe your countertops with warm water and light dish soap.

Step 9 – Enjoy!

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