40 years in Grand Valley…

2SallyFrancoIf you’ve ever lived in or been familiar with the faces of Grand Valley, chances are you are well acquainted with Sally Franco. As the only real estate firm directly in the town, she and her family, who help make up Sally Franco Real Estate, have been involved with many elements of the community for a long time.

40 years to be exact.

During that time, her business has grown drastically. From the start of her career in 1974, where she worked at Hare Real Estate in Orangeville, and later at Royal City Realty, to the launch of her own company out of her residence in 1980, and eventually leading to her current location on Main Street in Grand Valley, where her office has been situated since 1989.

The company quickly grew to include 3 of her 4 children (Grace, Stephanie and Adrian), allowing them to expand their services throughout the Dufferin County area.  Currently, her two daughters Grace and Stephanie, and her son-in-law Greg still work with Sally Franco Real Estate.

When her daughter Grace first joined the business in 1987, putting up a listing was a long, drawn-out process that would result in a slower take-off for marketing a house. First, they would need to take a Polaroid of the house, develop it, drive into Orangeville to deliver it to the Real Estate Board and hand it in with the key information. Then, two weeks later, they would receive a listing book with all the listings from all the offices, about the size of a phone book today.  “Modern technology has helped speed up the process,” said Grace. “We went from running around with Polaroid shots to instant marketing. With the internet, people have access to new listings instantly, which is why we are seeing more activity and multiple offers on homes.”

Part of what Sally and her children believe has helped push them forward to the success they have seen over the years is their drive to always be on the cutting edge of technology. The constant change of technology has had a huge effect on the real estate world, from things as simple as getting the information and listings to clients, to helping interact with them on a completely different level.

“We are really excited about the power of technology and what it has allowed us to do with our business,” Sally explained. “We are able to reach the world through the press of a button and that is really exciting.  It’s something you couldn’t do before.”

Their website is a strong display of the dedication they have to bringing their clients the best possible service through each of the venues available. Along with a comprehensive website and a presence on social media, they also run a YouTube channel that offers in-depth, high definition video tours of properties they have listed for sale.  “We’re right at the leading edge of technology with our video tours and the exposure they get on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter,” explained Greg, Sally’s son-in-law. “We personally photograph and videograph our own listings, using professional equipment for more immediate processing, and actively keep up to date on our Facebook and Twitter.  We want to bring that extra edge to our customers.”

The other large contributing factor to the success of Sally Franco Real Estate is the family side.  Being a family-run business means that they take a special pride in what they do and who they are.  All members work together for their clients, constantly communicating as a group about the various transactions and day to day operations of the business, therefore enabling them to place a keen focus on what they feel is the most important aspect of their business success, exceptional customer service.  It’s how they keep their customers coming back.   40 years is a long time, and in recent years Sally and her family have been selling to the children and grandchildren of their long-time clients.  “The most rewarding part of this business is building relationships and helping people.”

With the amount of success they have had throughout Grand Valley and Dufferin County, Sally added that the future looks incredibly bright, not just for their company, but for the area as well. 40 years has allowed them to see how the county and the town have continued to develop, and change, and has them looking forward to the next chapter.

“We know the future is growth in Dufferin County and we’re ready to be a part of that,” she said. “We are excited about all communities in Dufferin and the growth of Dufferin County. One of my slogans is that “The best is yet to come”.  We are ready to go up to a new level of presentation in the market, with our technology, our virtual tours and how we advertise in many different ways.  Taking care of our clients is really our goal.”

But when it comes down to the bottom line, they know that one of the biggest factors to their continued success is the support from their local communities, their friends and neighbours and all of the customers they have had and continue to earn.  They want to thank everyone who has supported them over the last 40 years, including their hometown Grand Valley and surrounding areas.

And if you asked her children what they think of it all, they would say that they are incredibly proud to have been and to continue to be a part of the successful journey of Sally Franco Real Estate Inc.